Canvas Tote Bag - Monsters
Canvas Tote Bag - Monsters
Canvas Tote Bag - Monsters
Canvas Tote Bag - Monsters

Canvas Tote Bag - Monsters

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Sharp teeth, scary eyes, but a whole lot of color and fun! Monsters print is one of our best sellers,  definitely a go-to print for those on the darker side! Designed by our 3rd child Jude Jacob at age 5. 

Print also available in: Tees and masks

Totes! Do they really need a description? Our tote bags ABSOLUTLEY do!

Websters Dictionary’s definition of a TOTE: a large bag used for carrying things

…. And boy can ours carry a lot of things! The fabric of our totes is soft, yet durable cotton canvas. Drag it, set it down, move it around, these totes won’t give you those corner wear and tears anytime soon. Let’s talk structure - from the outside in, our totes most outer layer is made of cotton canvas designed by our little humans which are digitally printed.  You can breathe easy knowing that digital printing is the most sustainable technique. Compared to traditional methods, digital printing has a 30% lower carbon footprint. The middle layer is the totes double lining made of 100% cotton fabric. At Cabin Measures, we believe what’s inside matters, that being said, the innermost layer is that same fun printed designed cotton canvas for your eyes only! We strategically designed the inner cotton canvas layer to give the tote more structure so it carries your necessary items with purpose. That same inner layer is sewn into 4 divided pockets that will keep you and your tote organized. 2 bigger pockets that work as laptop sleeves/ notebook carriers, fit magazine, books, etc. and 2 smaller pockets for those quick grab/easy to reach items such as keys, wallet, sunglasses, you name it! The craftsmanship of our tote bags is top-quality. Our tote bags are sewn with a blind stitch. Whats a blind stitch? It’s a sewing technique where two pieces of fabric are joined so the stitch thread is invisible. We believe in absolute quality from start to finish with all of our products because we care! All materials are made in the USA and produced locally in Los Angeles, California.

  • Outer and Innermost layers are made of durable, but soft cotton canvas. Middle layer made of 100% cotton.
  • Kid designed, not a robot.  Designs are digitally printed, the most sustainable technique out there!
  • Sophisticated craftsmanship, casual enough for everyday use, great for travel.
  • Expandable and collapsible with a strong rectangular structure.
  • 4 built-in pockets: 2 are sized for a laptop sleeve/carrier 
  • From start to finish, everything is proudly made and produced locally in sunny Los Angeles, California, USA! 
  • Ships in 1 business day, Delivered in 2-3 business days (depending on shipping method)
  • Dimensions: Height:        (__ is shoulder strap)
                           Length: 13”
                           Width: 13”
                           Pocket Depth: 
                           Pocket Width 2 Large: 
                           Pocket Width 2 Small: 

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